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Sun experiment
Sep 3, 2005
Hello all,

In the uk we have been having some very sunny weather. Its been hot. Anyhow i have been to sick to venture out at all except for to docs etc. However on going to the docs the other morning when it was gloriously hot my skin was exposed for about ten minutes. Anyhow that was about two days ago. However yesterday and today the rash got really really aggressive looking and kind of spread too. this is not a butterfly rash more like lots of red blood coloured marks on skin. some form circles some don't. they are slightly raised. anyway they got really sore. also out of some of the old scars blister things formed. there are also very microscopic white blisters on my chin and generally around my face. but too tiny compared to the horrid others. I tried to wrack my brain as to why the blisters came up or why my face has gotten so sore. and i could only put it down to that sun exposure two days ago. Unless i do just have some wierd skin infection after all. My lymph nodes have been up for six months now. i geuss this maybe due to swelling. i wondered at all if anyone had got infected rashes from lupus or if it was possible? The other thing i put it down to was that it my menstral cycle and evything gets horrid then too. Plus i noticed as soon as the rash got badder my physical symptons played up too. Chest pain back pain breathing problems. im calling the rheumie on monday for a quicker appointment. Had enough of this waiting. Hope evryone is doing ok .

Lots of love Zoe x ;)

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