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Dear rtmc, EStevens just added to the "recurrent kidney infection problems" thread some really interesting info about anti-Ro (SSA) that conveys why it's important for doctors to take it seriously. So you'll probably want to check that out. All my best, Vee

I know the first time I went to the rheumi was in February when he ran no less than 4 pages of tests. All came out fine. As far as the IVIG therapy effect on the kidneys I know it can mess up test results but I think that is the extent of it. The pain in my joints and fever came prior to my getting this therapy. The main reason for it is that I am slowly going blind in my left eye with the recurrent ON. Plus the recurrent problem of not being able to walk was no fun. They said they are treating me as if I have MS even though the results arent there. But I think the lupus stayed in the back of their mind. My rheumi even said it was possible that I am facing both. It just kind of bowled me over when I read that the very antibody that is linked to this problem popped up.

I am no longer seeing the urologist. He is sending my results to me because he said he cant treat the nephritis. That isnt his area. He did say with the blood and high number of white cells and casts that I have I need to see one. I am just kind of "ologist" out!

I have strong mixed feelings about the IVIG therapy though. I have another scheduled next week. (I get it once a month). I am strongly considering skipping this month to see what the results of my blood work say. Hopefully one month wont hurt.

As far as something renal going on before, that I couldnt tell you. I have consistantly tested with white cells and they always just assumed it was a kidney infection and treated it accordingly without doing a culture so this may have been a problem for a while now.

I had meningitis a few years ago. They went down that road too, thinking that maybe it was connected. So far they dont believe so.


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