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Hi, evenfive. I'm not sure from what you wrote whether your redness is a rash in the sense of staying put for awhile---vs. something more fleeting.

Have you looked for info on the various lupus rashes that can appear in places other than the face? (I'm omitting butterfly = malar rash because you didn't mention facial area; and bullous, because you didn't cite watery blisters.) Here are some: (1) discoid (tends to scar & depigment); (2) subacute cutaneous papulosquamous form (looks like psoriasis a bit, but isnt; doesn't scar or depigment); (3) subacute cutaneous annual (circular) form (doesn't scar or depigment); (4) tumid (a "discoid" variant).

Do you see any correlation with sun exposure?

If you think these episodes are not rashes, then do you think a vascular reaction of some sort is possible? I have cutaneous vasculitis on my feet & ankles, and these areas sting & itch & burn during & after a hot shower.

This isn't very profound---sorry! Hope you continue to post & to get more ideas from others here. Sincerely & with best wishes, Vee (Dx'ed with SCLE, negative ANA but positive Ro, SCLE annular rashes for many moons)

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