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I ask my rhuemy about the aspirin and he said he didn't think it was necessary. He said if he thought I had a problem and needed it he would give me blood thinners. He said if I haven't had a clot or any indications of one or other problems yet he thinks I do not need even the aspirin. I take so much other stuff, I didn't argue with him. I will be seeing a new rhuemy in a couple of weeks, let's see what she says.

When I was first sent to him (2yrs ago) with a high ANA count he did further testing and since I had 3 miscarriages I'm sure the antiphospholipid test was one that was indicated. Of course it came back with high results on the anticardiolipin part. He said that was probably why I had the miscarriages to which I replied "OK" cause my children are now 30 and almost 29yrs old it doesn't matter to me now. Anyway I questioned him about it and he told me of my greater risk for stroke and blood clots and I ask about meds for that at that time and he didn't think it was improtant then either and he hasn't changed his mind. I have obviously lived with this most of my life and have not had the slightest indication of a problem so as they say so far so good the odds are with me at my age.

My problems with lupus or whatever is going to be my final diagnosis is mostly joint pain and mouth sores and itching and that kind of thing. It seems so far I don't have any internal organ problems. Again am going to see a new rhuemy, want another opinion and a doc closer to where I live and we will see what she has to say.

Hope you are feeling well.


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