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I was finally diagnosed with Lupus - it was a huge relief to have a "name" to attach to what was wrong with me. I felt almost elated to get the name after so many years of searching.

Started Plaquenil and then I'm combining it with Naproxen to help with all the muscle aches/pains. Didn't get much sleep last night and today I just feel ran over by a truck & emotionally brain dead. I'm definately off the elation part & headed toward feeling a little bit blue. My whole life is changing & it's out of my control - I'm doing my best through to control the Lupus/Fibro as best I can by taking care of myself. I know so many of you have been through this so I'm hoping to get your input as my sounding board.

My family has been great - but, I'm not sure how to help them understand.... IE I look fine on the outside if you forget about the rash & they forget that I could be in pain/tired IE sick. Sometimes the hugs are so tight that they hurt - I don't want people (especially) my husband to stop touching me or feel like they are walking on eggshells. I'm just not sure how to create that balance or how to communciate things - I don't want to complain or have to detail out each day what's wrong as I just don't want to be that complainer they will grow bored with. I feel bad that I'm not doing more to contribute so I push myself to do things at home that make it worse. I know I know I need to work on loving me but, its hard to watch my loved one work so hard and not do something to help.

Any advice from those out there that have been through this?

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