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Re: Nose sores
Oct 26, 2005
Hello Mickey,

Mouth and nose sores can and are for a lot of us painful. I get them mostly in my mouth and at times in my nose. I do at times I get both blisters as well as ulcers. They are painful so I think the information you have read is a bit misleading. With treatment they can be brought under control, and therefore become less painful.

I am giving the following information not in a medical way but as something that I have learned as a patient with SLE for a long time.

One of the most common features of lupus is mouth ulcers. This often occurs during flares along with increased joint pains and rashes. Fortunately in most people when the disease settles the mouth ulcers settle as well, although stress or tiredness can also make mouth ulcers worse. They can be painful and uncomfortable and also be an ongoing problem. You can use simple treatments such as antiseptic mouthwashes, and sometimes steroid lozenges or paste might be prescribed.

Occasionally the nose can also be affected in the same way and vaseline cream or steroid paste or nasal spray can be used if necessary. In the vast majority of people these simple measures, and controlling of disease flares with low dose steroids may be all that is required. Very occasionally ulceration of the mouth or nose can be more severe and if it does not respond to these simple measures there are more specialist drugs available.

I know you haven't been diagnosed with lupus, and I sincerely hope you aren't but even so I feel that if you have these problems, you can get to your doctor as soon as possible to get a treatment regime started.

Take care.

goldenwings :angel:

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