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I fought depression long before I got dx with Lupus. That of course doesn't help knowing what causes it - because we all know Lupus is probably around for a long time before we get a dx.

I do have a family tree with a lot of depression. I don't think there is necessarily any one cause. People love to say "stress gets you down" but a lot of things cause stress; including illness.

I've been off and on several meds. I never wanted to be on them so I'd go for a while and then stop taking them. I've concluded that fighting depression isn't much different (or less stressful) than fighting any other illness, being a single mother, paying bills, or working sick....

My Rh put me on Cymbalta because it helps with 2 brain chemicals rather than just one like most of the others (which I've been on). The 2nd chemical also helps fight pain - so it helps with the daily pains of Lupus as well.

Do I still get depressed? Yes.
But I don't get so devastatingly crippled by it; which gives me more perserverence and hope that I can get through.

Hope you find a good balance too...

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