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Nov 22, 2005
Hi Everyone,
This is my first post here as I haven't been diagnosed with Lupus but there was a question as to whether or not I have it due to a malar rash and hairloss. I had bloodwork done and my ANA was negative at 1:40, had antibody testing done for Anti-Smith, Anti-Ro, Anti-SSA and SSB. All of the antibody testing came back negative. I know that the ANA can change over time but can you tell me if the antibody testing can become positive at a later time?

Does having all those tests come back negative mean I definitely don't have lupus? I already have a diagnosis of MS so some symptoms that I have from that are symptoms that I've read you can get with lupus also but not the malar rash or hairloss that I'm aware of. Oh, and I had my thyroid tested and those tests were normal as well. Those of you that have hairloss, what do you do for it? Noticing that my hair is getting thinner is really worrisome to me.

Thank you in advance for any advice you may have.

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