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hello wonderful lupus people,

Still getting there. got my hospital tests back and from what i can see its definately lupus now. i looked up the results of some of the tests. Heres what i found but your input from expert lupus people would be much welcomed. and i have got all the info ready to take to St thomas s on friday.


Total IgE result 312 range 0-81
( i did some reading that it can be caused by allergic disease but also acute lupus flare? when this high)

lymphocytes low - 1.3 range 1.5-4
monocytes high1.0 range 0.2-0.8

Anyone explain lymphocytes these were really high a few months ago too?

serum b12- low 187 range 246-911

i think this is for anemia and associated with lupus?

My total protein is quite high too.

urine microscopy

Had blood and protein in myurine on and off for a year now with those dipstick tests.

But recent microscopy showed

white cells **
red cells**
epithelial cells *** ( heavy)
crystals debris ** ( moderate)

Id never seen tham come up before and i have had two microscopy with that finding. I did some research on the net and they seem to suggest nephritis which one doc at the hospital questioned. any ideas.


ct scan showed enlarged liver

ultra sound of neck showed enlarged lymph nodes which were big enough to biopsy and still may be done

spinal tap/lumbar puncture

Showed blood and white cells and a small amount of lymphocytes but it may have been down to a traumatic bleed.

however ther was elevated protein which the neurologist said could be to do with lupus.

still awaiting anti-cardiolipin test result or whatever it is.

So what do you think. those that know me on these boards know i have outward physical symptons of what seems to be lupus. no positive anas ever though!!

Do you reckon st thomas will have enough to go on with this lot and my symptons. appreciate any feed back love to you all be safe and well

Zoe x

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