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Dear Puney,
I've had much trouble in the last few years with pretty severe migraines. My rheumatologist can't say whether they're lupus related or not (and I quote, "Lots of people without lupus get migraines, too.") Whatever. Prior to seeing the rheumatologist, though, my headaches got so bad that I was finally sent to a neurologist (I swear I thought I had a brain tumor or something). Imitrex had not done anything for me. I had been taking massive doses of ibuprofen. She put me on naprosyn (naproxen). Then when that didn't help all the way, I was allowed to take tylenol with the naprosyn. Add a large cup of caffeinated coffe to the mix and that usually helped with the headache. If the imitrex hasn't helped and if it is making you feel worse, I'd ask for another med. There are other things you can try. No two people are alike and therefore people are going to respond differently to the same medications. Don't feel, though, that you have to live in pain. There are alternatives. Take care and I hope you get some relief.

Michelle in CA
Dear Feelin, No implants. But lots of severe headaches in the run-up to a Dx. They were the kind that force you to stay immobile and avoid light; mostly one-sided. Awful. My then-GP thought they were cluster headaches, and he prescribed Bellergal (not even sure if it's still in use). The drug helped but I'd lose at least a day with each one.

I wasn't Dx'ed for 15 years or so after the headaches started. Only got two to four a year---and I quickly felt for anyone with truly chronic migraines.

Best wishes to you, Vee

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