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I also suffer from Vertigo. I've had it to the point of where I will have to sit myself down in the middle of the floor and crawl to the bathroom to vomit :dizzy: I've noticed as well, what goldenwings mentioned, that this usually will happen after the onset of a stiff neck and shoulders, or any kind of stressful situation as well. BUT I will also get it out of nowhere sometimes as well.

I don't have a Lupus dx yet, and I've not suffered from Vertigo until about 6 months ago. I also cannot stand tight, closed in areas or constricting clothes, I am afraid of heights, I cannot stand loud noise (and everything always seems really loud to me). Funny how all of this seems related, but I have to agree with goldenwings, make sure you know for sure that these issues are not being caused by other things. :D

Hello There,

I think overall what has come out of this interesting topic is that having bouts of being light headed in itself would not come under the umbrella of being part of the diagnostic criteria for lupus. It could be brought on by having CNS lupus as has already been mentioned. Having APS causes problems with the blood supply, and so for the light headed symptoms to present, there will most definitely be an underlying reason. If you actually went to the rheumatologist and said about being LH, I don't think he would put this down as a definite symptom of having lupus.

Hope this helps.

goldenwings :angel:

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