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Hi :wave:
I have never really been afraid of heights, always hiked, and had a very active life of skiing, and other outside activities, and I too travelled quite a bit, but I did find as my symptoms worsened I did form a sensitvity to heights, and no motion sickness, but a feeling that I wasn't set on the ground firmly. It could be, because I fell quite a bit, with no provocation at all. I also developed inner ear problems when I flared, and it increased my vertigo, and lightheadedness.I think our senses become overactive and over-reactive, I really dont like tight spaces anymore, or constricting clothes. I have met several ppl in my Lupus group, that experience the same thing, and heaviness in the feet when walking. Not a doctor, just info in my head.
Have nice day!
When I was born I had high and low end hearing, so in other words I heard everything, and had to sleep with white noise or a kind of Muzac machine, if the songs had words I would wake myself up singing my favorites, anyhoo, but for the last ten years my hypersensitivty to the sun and sound have increased dramatically. I also have lots of ear pain and swelling, I know that aquanegra,(if I am referring to a wrong post sorry) sometimes has ear problems similar to mine, and I never know what will bring them on. I know that my prednisone and plaquenil did not help it, but it would stop the contant ringing I get during a flare. On the subject of tight clothes or constricting clothes. I did not know if many lupus ppl had this or it was just those with raynauds as well due to the constrictiing of our vessels, even hair on my arm feels uncomfortable. Thought I would just throw that in because its just so annoying at time, I have looked so bizarre at times, with donning flowing clothes, earmuffs, and shades, and compression gloves for hand pain. Do you wonder if those ppl thought to be eccentric hermits are just lupus ppl? Does anyone have problems parking straight, or rather having to re adjust from parking crooked?
Felicia :wave:

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