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Hi, there. Gosh, you have a lot of organs involved with lupus. Bless you. What are the two blood pressure meds you are on, besides the diuretic? The only things I can think of off-hand that keep one's blood pressure elevated and hard to control are 1) kidney damage/disease, 2) diabetes (which can cause #1), 3) cardiovascular disease (ditto), and 4) heart failure. How are you looking for all this stuff?

There is definitely a connection between hypertension and kidney problems brought on by lupus.

I have lupus with kidney involvement. Funny, I always had blood pressure at the lower end of the normal range at all my checkups in recent years until all this mess started happening. I don't have high blood pressure now, but according to my doctor, I would if I would not on certain medications. Since I have some moderate kidney damage, my rheumy put me on an ace inhibitor to guard against high blood pressure. Ace inhibitors promote salt and fluid elimination from the body and help blood vessels to stay relaxed, less rigid, and more open, all of which promote lower blood pressure. Also, I am on a statin drug to keep my cholesterol levels down.

As I understand it, there are a couple of things that would cause me to have high blood pressure. First, there's the kidney damage itself. That's a double-whammy because kidney damage causes high blood pressure due to the increased volume of blood because the proper amount of fluid isn't being drawn out of the bloodstream by the damaged kidneys, which in turn causes further kidney damage if untreated, which causes worse high blood pressure and 'round and 'round we go. Second, anyone who takes steroids for an extended period of time runs the risk of increased cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. This raises blood pressure in two ways. The cholesterol collects in the vessels making them smaller and giving the blood a smaller space to flow through. Up goes the pressure. The increased concentration of sugars in the blood make it hold onto fluids in an attempt to balance out this concentration, which takes the volume of blood way up. Up goes your pressure.

I am trying to get my life situated to switch to Cellcept instead of the prednisone to keep my kidneys doing well. What is holding me back is that I want to attempt a pregnancy first. It is startling to realize that at 37, I am considered of "advanced maternal age" and that I should have had a child, like, the day before yesterday, lol. I am about to be married, so we will immediately begin to try to get pregnant. Plus, prednisone is deemed safe for use during pregnancy, while Cellcept is not, so if I have to have treatment for a flare during my pregnancy, prednisone is the best bet. So, I fight off the high blood pressure and other nice things with the drugs until I attempt to reproduce. I will have to go off the ace inhibitor and the statin before attempting to get pregnant as well as during the pregnancy itself. It is somewhat of a crap shoot, no garauantee that after risking this I will have a successful pregnancy, but que sera, sera.

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