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Jan 17, 2006
i have always had (fairly severe) [B]memory problems[/B],
i get [B]sick alot, a very lot[/B], but to my knoledge have no immune difficencey
and im [B]chroncially fatuiged[/B],
but that could be becuase i dont have a decent sleeping pattern due to OCD & anxiety

i get [B]lightheaded and dizzy[/B] sometimes, lasting from a few minutes to a full day
i have normalish-lowish blood pressure, which may cuase that, so could a lack of sleep, proper nutritian, and being OCD & anxious

i get [B]headaches[/B] all the time,
and sometimes [B]migranes[/B],
but that could be becuase i wear glasses and use my computer so much, not to mention stress from being OCD & anxious

i get [B]cold alot[/B], my [B]hands and feet[/B] are often [I]icey[/I],
my [b]skin is often irritated[/b],
im not sure if i get rashes though..
but the cold thing could be becuase im so skinny (im skinny becuase my whole familly is) and imnotsure if haveing dry skin is that abnormal.. or even a symptom

i get [B]mouth olscars[/B] all the time, big ones that last for a long time,
but i was told they was cuased by a virus i had.. my dad and grandma use dto get olscars all teh time when they were younger, and i dont have much vitimin C in my system becuase i always forget to take vitimins and citric accids upset my stomach.. which could be why i get sick so often

i get [B]alot of pains[/B], all over, espeically i my [B]chest and joints[/B]
but im also growing which gives you pains.. alot latley, my bra size went from nearly A to AA, and my chest and hips got wider, ive gotten 2 or 3 inches taller too..

my [B]whirst arm and hand[/B] speifcially hurt
but im an artist and its very likley i have carple tunnel

my [B]back[/B] specifically hurts
but i have Terrable posture, i slouch so much :nono: i blame the act that im a teenager, it doesnt hurt anymore when i sit up strait.

My [B]knees[/B] specifically hurt at times, even when im not growing.
one clicks when i bend it, it has a torn ligament or a ripped tendon, i forget which, but i dont know why the other would hurt.

i [B]practically the oposite of photosensative[/B], but i keep seeing that as a symptom on lists.. good sign?
the suns only burned me once in my life, and it wasnt even that bad, i forgot to wear sunscrean during a whole day or more at a florida beach,
who wouldnt that burn?

im a basic american mutt, meaning i dont even know what all im made up of aside from english and cherokee.. but im [B]16 and female[/B]. i was alot healthier when i played soccer, so all of it could have to do with a lack of excersize too

i deifnitly have symptoms of both SLE and ASA but i can esailly explain them, is it likley i have lupus or ASA? how do i get tested? does my regular docter test me? is it fatal? can it be treated or cured?

id Really like some asnwers.. if anyone could help it would be greatly appriciated!

i jsut read in another thread that [B]muscle twitching[/B] is a symptom,
well. something happens to me randomly, 0-3 times a day, its like.. the little pulseing spasm fort of thing on a tiny inch or smaller sized area, and it goes on for 3-40 seconds, is that muscle twitching? i assumed it was something normal, its happened for as far as i can remember..

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