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Re: Weird rash
Jan 25, 2006
Thank you all so much for the info!!! I really need help and appreciate anything you all can offer. I have so many "odd" symptoms...There is only one rheumie in my area. Went to another one in another state and since she couldn't follow up...she wouldn't put lupus... I do have a malar rash, but it is not blistery or anything, resembles rosasia (sp). Digestive and bowel problems from one end to the other (no pun intended)ha. On fiber, Omega3, digestive enzymes and I get colonics done every other week. Still to no avail and help with the dige****ve/bowel problems. Dr. say's it's because body is to busy to fight the colon??? Have SEVERE periphial nueropathy,livedo riticularis, no pedial palses in feet (loss of blood flow) on viagra for the blood flow and I have my arms and legs shut down once a week through nerve blocks to get blood back to my hands and feet. Feet are in EXTREME pain regardless if I sit or stand. Out of my mind tired. Had 4 miscarriages 3 in 1st trimester, 1 in 2nd, finally through infertility I have 2 gorgeous kids (diabetic and insulin dep for both) :), I have headaches, have lost over 45% of my hearing in each ear, reactive hypoglycemic, short term memory loss, pain in middle chest when I breath. No fevers, no positive anything on blood other than my c3 and c4 go up and down and I don't know what that means...Dr said he doesn't either, but curious. Bladder or kidney problems not sure which...however, one or the other isn't working right, almost uncontrolable bladder type symptoms, but don't ever need to go when it happens...If it keeps going I'll be in depends before 35! Now this weird rash. Never blistery or anything...If we could post pictures I would..just to see if any of you have seen it before. Anyhow, also on a mass of pain meds for my feet, which I can't take like I should (single Mom). On Prednizone, "doubled during what I feel is a flare." Also on DHEA 200mg. Have EXTREME weight gain... from a 5 to a 10/12 in less than a year and still going. Lossing hair, but not in large clumps to cause bald spots, but not your normal hair loss from brushing and what have you. I can actually run my fingers through my head and my palm will be full of hair. Dr said had to cause bald spots?? I'm at a loss. I'm sure I've missed a few things in my nightmare of medical problems, but does any of this sound even close to being familiar to SLE or hopefully not, but comparable to any of you? Pain management Dr states SLE and Fibroymyalgia? Right now I have the diagnosis of Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disorder? Not sure what that means!!

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