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Hi, there. For me, swollen lymph nodes in the neck region meant that at that time, I was having major hair loss, major skin symptoms on my face, and what I like to call "lupus dandruff", that accumulation of thick, white scales on the scalp. You must be having quite a flare if you are loaded on all those drugs and steroids and you still aren't getting rid of your symptoms and calming your immune system down. If I understand correctly, the lymph nodes become swollen near the areas where major immune fighting action is going on. Yeah, they are scary, big and hard and hot. Though in your rational mind you know what they are and why they are there, the little panic light is still flashing in the back of your mind, saying, why are they so big? why are they not leaving? Heck, before I went to the doctor, I was halfway to thinking they must be tumors of some sort. But, thankfully, none of that is true. I know you have a lot going on, but believe that they will go away as mysteriously as they appeared. They may not go away right away, even after your other symptoms are gone and you feel better, but they will go away. Good luck with your treatment.
Hi, Erin. Another scenario, one I experienced that was NOT related to lupus: dental trouble that was not obvious to the naked eye. Mine was an impacted wisdom tooth, with invisible infection way below the gum line.

Recent dental x-rays of that area would probably rule such a thing out, though.

Whatever is actually doing it, I hope you get it figured out quickly. Best wishes, from Vee
hi there.My first experience with my lymphnodes going nuts they tried to say I had Hodgkins but i didnt it was lupus and they did get as large as a golf ball around my collar bone people could see it. They always ache especially under my arms seem to the most . I try heat alot it soothes them . But wait for what the Dr has to say I hope it is good news .Jenny

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