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Clogged ear
Feb 9, 2006
hi everyone!

Hope all is well. I'm been sick with a head cold for about 10 days now. Now my ear is clogged and it's driving me nuts. I can't hear as well and it sounds like an echo sometimes. I was reading that sometimes clogged ears can be part of lupus.
I just wanted to know if anyone out there has had this and what they did about it. I been on 875 mg of ammox something for 7 days.It's not helping.
Thanks LIZ! :confused:
Re: Clogged ear
Feb 9, 2006
Hi, Liz. Yes, clogged ears can be a symptom of lupus. I had them on and off up until this past fall, when they mysteriously went away. But it sounds like you may have a bad head cold that may have spread to your sinuses and ear canals, which is not uncommon. I guess antibiotics would be in order, though after seven days of taking them, you should have had relief after being on them maybe 2 or 3 days. Maybe it is just a lupus symptom and not an infection, and that is why it is not responding to the antibiotic.

These ear symptoms were one of the first things that went wrong with me all those months before I got diagnosed in early 2004. Mine started with some kind of scabby buildup in my ears, which of course I picked at to get it out, and that would make it turn all wet and gummy in there and get totally clogged, maybe for only a few hours, maybe for a couple of days. Totally annoying. You hear yourself talking REALLY loudly, yet can't stop it because you can't hear right. And my ears would be raw and sore feeling, so I would make an effort not to pick at them to let them heal. They would heal and my hearing would return, and then the crusty stuff would come back and I would start the cycle all over again. I had my boyfriend to look in my ears and tell me what he saw, all he said was that it was red and irritated-looking and had lots of little pimples. Doctor said nothing, gave me no meds at all, just said, "it's lupus".
Re: Clogged ear
Feb 9, 2006
thank you very much for responding. I'm very upset today! I feel like I don't even know who to call. My GP told me to call a EMT if I wanted to. Should I let it go and see if it gets better over the weekend?
I guess I feel bad because everytime I think maybe I don't have lupus something else comes up. Then I feel bad because I know a ton of people are alot worst off then me.

Bad day! Liz
Re: Clogged ear
Feb 9, 2006
Hi, Liz. My ears have also been weird all winter, prob. sinus congestion. But I think this is common in head colds, not necessarily lupus.

My external ear canals also get itchy & scaly. I thought I had "damp ears", maybe even a ton of wax or so (ugh!); but the ENT I saw last winter told me I have abnormally DRY ears. I have an Rx ointment I apply when they go off & it helps.

And I get sore bumps on the pinna sometimes. Just sleeping hurts.

If your ears are still feeling clogged, I'd go to the ENT in your shoes, esp. if your balance feels iffy.

Feel better fast! How are you doing otherwise? All my best, Vee
Re: Clogged ear
Feb 9, 2006
Thanks Vee! I was feeling great but until this head cold. I'm very tried and like I said my ear is dring me crazy. My Doctor said it was time to DX me with Lupus. He said lets call a spade a spade! I don't understand him because before he said he'd hold off on the DX and just call it postive ANA. I'm fine with not being DX because I was feeling fine,and don't wait to be DX unless we know for sure.

How are you doing? I hope well is well with you. Thanks again it's nice to know there is someone to talk to. When you're sick for a long time you start wondering if your family and friends really understand! I don't even tell people everything any more.

Thanks Liz
Re: Clogged ear
Feb 10, 2006
[QUOTE=aquanegra]I guess antibiotics would be in order, though after seven days of taking them, you should have had relief after being on them maybe 2 or 3 days. Maybe it is just a lupus symptom and not an infection, and that is why it is not responding to the antibiotic.[/QUOTE]

Just a note here. Remember that regular head colds are caused by viruses, not bacteria. Antibiotics don't work on viruses, so if an antibiotic doesn't work, it doesn't necessarily prove that the problem was lupus related. It could just mean that it was a virus causing it.
Re: Clogged ear
Feb 11, 2006
Hello there,

Just my two cents worth here. I would definitely say that in the main having blocked ears as you have is not as a result of having lupus. This happens so much to people who don't have our dreaded illness. Head colds normally = sinus problems = blocked ear/s.

A simple but effective treatment I find is using a nasal decongestant - always check with the pharmacist for interaction with your other drugs - which could help clear the tubes connecting your ears to your throat which can cause dull hearing when they are blocked. Menthol vapour may also help. Add a few drops to a basin of hot (not boiling) water and breathe in through your nose. Also you can just use the water on its own as it is the steam that helps the blockages and not the products that are put into the water. Use your normal meds for the pain and discomfort.

As mentioned previously, antiobiotics do not work for a viral head cold and are not given by the medical profession. Obviously if you have any discharge or nasties coming out of your ears, then you must go and see your doctor, and then hopefully he would prescribe something for this.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

goldenwings :angel:

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