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this is my journal of my nuero and eye problems
11th June 1998

Oedema of optic disc, left side is showing significant field defect and some reduction in colour vision, and VEP showed delayed conduction on both visual pathways.
B scan suggested optic nerve cyst on left side, and possible nerve head drusen on right

Inflammatory disease, demyelinating disease, or compromised vascular perfusion to the nerve may all lead to disc oedema.
22nd June 1998
Thinking the eye problem could be optic nerve head drusen, and pupilay changes may be related to inflammatory uveitis
Optic neuritis (ON) is defined as acute inflammation of the optic nerve. While etiologies include infection (syphilis, mumps, measles), infiltrative/ inflammatory disease (sarcoidosis,( lupus**), ischemic vascular disease (diabetes), and the most common etiology is the demyelinating disease multiple sclerosis (MS).
29th June 1998,
After 15 days in hospital, possible pseudo papilloedema, due to optic head drusen.
Significant field defects on left side, bilateral full discs with blurred margins.
No reaction to light as well as accommodation.
30th July 1998
Visual evoked potentials mildly delayed,
Oligoclonal bands found in CSF and these are absent from the serum.
Raising the possibility of M.S.
9th July 1998
Optic nerve drusen could be anterior segment inflammation.
10th August 1998,
Some indication of demylination. Could be high pressure around optic nerve.
Iris atrophy showing itself as transillumination. Ocular albinism but think its related to chronic inflammation.
Fluoroscein showed leakage from the discs.
11th September 1998.
Pupil abnormality is related to low-grade chronic inflammation.
Possible granulomatous disorder.
24th December 1998,
Possible diverticulum of the bladder due to leakage.
Possible M.S
5th April 2000
CSF oligoclonal bands have been reported present in the past consistent with demylination pattern.
Gallium scan shows significant area of tracer opaque over left lower hemi-thorax
Presumably lying within the breast in vicinity of nipple.could be underlying breast abscess or carcinoma.
Immunoglobulin G&A minimally reduced.
Acute phase screen haptoglobin,2.03g/l otherwise within normal limits.
Complement cl inhibitor 0.37g/l otherwise within normal limits.
30th Jan 2001
Discharged active problem nuero inflammatory disorder
21st Feb. 2001
Possible nuero-sarcodosis
Bilateral optic neuropathy,
Diseases such as syphilis, toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis, tuberculosis, hepatitis, rubella, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), Lyme borreliosis, familial Mediterranean fever, Epstein-Barr virus, herpes zoster ophthalmicus, paranasal sinus disorder, sarcoidosis, (systemic lupus erythematosus)*, Bechetís disease, and diabetes may cause optic neuropathy and should be considered before prematurely diagnosing demyelinating optic neuropathy.

Raised intercranial pressure,
Old anterior uveitis
Possible erythema nodosum
28th June 2001.
Visual fields are constricted bilaterally and visual acuity has deteriorated to N6.

24th Jan 2005
symptoms suggest dry eye syndrome, which may reflect evolving lupus.

22ND AUG 2005.
Visual evoked potentials reported to show significant delay in P100 bilaterally.

24th March 2005.
Positive smooth muscle antibodies. Showing vascular pattern associated with wide range of viral and autoimmune diseases.
Possible autoantibodies show changes consistent with a vasculitic disorder

This problem with my eyes has gone on for years,
now i have sjogrens and doctors are saying might be systemic lupus.

lots of things can go wrong with your sight so good luck bye for now
susan :wave:

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