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Hello Everyone. In the last two months I have been experiencing blurred hazy vision in my right eye. The eye itself is a bit swollen and sometimes itchy or sore, but does not hurt when moving it. I suspected optic neuritis and MS because I have tingling in the hands and feet. I have gotten an MRI of brain and C spine- normal, as well as an exam by a well-acclaimed opthalmologist and he said the eye is normal, no swelling of the optic nerve... My tingling has recently turned to tightness and pain of joints and my face has a bit of redness to it- but not as severe as the "hallmark wolf rashes." I am seeing a rheumatologist on monday, but does anyone else suffer from a similar eye situation?
Hi the question you ask is blurred vision associated with lupus,well for the past 10 years i was getting IV steroids as doctors thought my eye problems were M.S, I have optic drusen and swelling on the optic nerve in both eyes,But for the past 2 years i have had dry eye and been diagnoised with sjogrens,i use liquid tears for this helps.Now my nueroligist as told me we don't think it is ms but think it is systemic lupus,So yes the eye problem can be related to lupus.I also get tingeling in hands and feet,along with alot more symptoms.Kidney disease being one i needed 1 kidney removed.Do you also get when you looking at screen at peoples faces there mouth seem destorted.
please let us know how the appointment goes, :wave:

bye susan

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