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:confused: Hello. I was just wondering if you ever actually found out what was wrong with you this past year besides just having strep throat?? I am 25 years old and all of a sudden one day I had a sharp pain in my arm. Then as the days went by it kept happening again. I started getting nausea, headaches and sharp pains and muscle aches all over including sporadic chest pain. I also wake up once a night sweating a little bit. Not too much thoug. I went to my doctor and he couldn't find a diagnosis for me. The next day I had trouble swallowing. After that I went to the ER for the chest pains and not being able to swallow. They did an EKG and chest x ray and everything was normal. They basically wrote me off as an anxiety case. I went to the doctor again as a followup from the ER and saw a different physician assistant and she did not know either. Finally this past week I went back again!! So 4 times in the past two weeks---She finally decided to check me for the flu and strep throat. My flu test was negative and my strep test was positive which was a surprise to both of us since I never had any actual symptoms of strep throat. It still makes me wonder if maybe I have a slight case of rheumatic fever. I mean I did not actually have a fever, but from what I have read you don't need to have a fever. It just really makes me worry. Any advice would be great. Thanks!!

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