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Thanks Debjayg. You know, I wish more doctors would practice integrated medicine where they treat the whole person, not just writing out a prescription to aleviate symptoms. Doctors who use integrated techniques combine a variety of practices from traditional to holistic that best suit the individual. My previous rheumatologist after my first visit wanted me to take Plaquenil(sorry if I misspelled). In my case, I felt it wasn't necessary at the time so I refused. I stopped the overload of soy and started a low dose aspirin which seems to have helped at this point. There is research out there-nutrigenomics(the science of how food talks to our genes) and how certain foods(such as foods containing wheat/gluten, bad fats, processed foods, and even certain vegetables) can cause inflammation in the body and trigger the development of auto-immune diseases that we may me pre-disposed to.Now, I haven't read enough yet, so I'm not well-versed. I want to make it clear that I believe in traditional medicine when you have no other choice and things are really bad and life-threatening. What I'm saying is that it can't hurt to alter your diet and nutrition to see if that helps prevent or stall some of the symptoms. Perhaps then, some people wouldn't need to take the nasty medications and suffer the cruel side effects. I work with a nurse who is also a holistic health counselor. She became interested in the field when she went through years of battling Lyme disease. As a result she now has fibromyalgia. She said many doctors, unless they have an interest are not trained in nutrition. This is starting to change. People in med school now are taking courses in nutrition and alternative therapies so that they can better serve and help their patients. She also said the pharmaceutical companies are all about pushing product to make money, at whatever cost. I have alot to learn on this journey. I am NOT telling anyone to stop their meds. I just want to create awareness and interest in a topic most of us are unfamiliar with. I lurk these threads and my heart goes out to all of you who have suffered considerably. It's heart-breaking and scary. You are strong people and I keep you in my prayers. People who don't have an auto-immune disease such as Lupus or APS do NOT understand the daily struggles. Some doctors don't get it either. It is very REAL and our reality. I am fortunate at this point because my symptoms are very mild and "tolerable", but I'm scared of what the future may bring. That is why I want to see if nutrition can help. Can't hurt. I'll have to post my future "discoveries" when I learn more. Does anybody else have any experiences you'd like to share on how nutrition had an impact on your Lupus symptoms or progression?

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