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HI i was dignoised with M.S as OLIGOCIONAL BANDS in IN MY CSF (my lumber puncture), Also VISUAL EVOKED POTENTIALS where delayed,Also through symptoms. And i also have optic nerve swelling which can be seen by looking through there optical equitment also seeing opthamologist confirms this.The MRI didn't show demylination bue empty sella syndrome,And the pressure in my was 36cm but should be around 16,I had a op to drain fluid away.Hope this helps but the nuero has said not all show up on MRI, They can diagnoise by symptoms and other tests such as EVP test and Lumber puncture.But as i have other involvments like kidney and heart etc also sjogrens and brain issues the nuero now think Systemic Lupus.
Well hope this helps you :wave: for now susan x

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