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Okay, I do love shoes. My mother just bought me 9 pairs and then I turned around and bought 7 more. My husband just can't believe that I need more shoes! My theory is that I can gain weight and I can still wear the same pair of shoes. I have been packing on the pounds lately since my lupus has been flaring up worse.

The purple rashes on my body are where I sunburned really bad at the beach on vacation before I was diagnosed. Several people including a dermatologist suggested sun exposure to help my skin....little did they know that it almost killed me! I tanned easily all my life - I grew up on a farm working outside most of the time. I had never had a major sunburn until my husband and I went on this trip to the beach and my entire body peeled for weeks and hurt miserably. I thought my ears were going to fall off. Since then the places I burned so bad have stayed a slight mottled purple and red hue and I am pale as a ghost everywhere else. My rashes are worse on my chest, back, arms, hands, and face. About the only places not affected are my lower back, calves, and feet. I wear sunblock, but honestly it is like the exposure effects me everywhere and not just where the sun or UV rays hit.

It is so frustrating going to church, my doctor's office, the grocery store, etc. and have to roast under the flourescent lights. They really seem to harm me more than the natural sunlight.

Also, I am running fevers all the time and my lymph nodes are swelling on my neck with no signs of infection. I have just been to the doctor for another round of bloodwork, so who knows? Lupus is just a surprise a minute!

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