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Hi everyone.. I'm a 31 yr old female and I've been ill for over 5 years now. Docs once suspected Lupus, then turned to MS, then to Fibromyalgia, then back to Lupus, then Fibro again.. and so on and so forth. I'm sure alot of you have been there yourself LOL

Right now, I have a firm diagnoses of Fibromyalgia ONLY. But, here's the problem.. I've recently had two sets of bloodwork come back abnormal. They were both CBCs. In the first round, everything in the CBC came back abnormally low. My docs suspected that something had been mishandled at the lab or a mistake or whatever.. so we repeated it two weeks later. The white cell count and platelets were still low, but everything else went back up just to the normal range - very low normal, but nevertheless, normal. So, that tells us that the first set wasn't mishandled.

I've had the low platelets for the last 3 years. The hematologist diagnosed me with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura. I've never had the low white cell count or anything else for that matter. BUT, here's the thing.. the day that I had the first CBC was a day that I felt like absolute hell.. a day that I typically call "a bad fibro flare day" and I have those days quite often. It was the very first time that we'd timed the bloodwork just right to catch me on a bad day. And those tests came back abnormal as opposed to all of the other tests coming back normal when I wasn't feeling so bad. SO, now we're looking elsewhere.. not just Fibro since Fibro itself doesn't cause abnormally low blood counts.

I've never had an ANA come back positive and as far as Lupus is concerned, I think that's the only test I've had done pertaining to it.. though I'm not positive.

All this started 5 years ago with extreme exhaustion and severe achiness all over. Since then, it's progressed to severe joint pain at times, and an aching sensation comparable to a toothache type of pain in my bones - mostly my forearms and lower legs. I'm getting weirdo rashes on my upper torso for the last year and nothing has lessened it yet.. not corticosteroids or even antifungal creams. It's very small little bumps that are itchy, slightly red, and all over my chest, upper back and neck, and upper arms. Not the typical Lupus rash, I don't believe. I've finally been referred to a dermatologist and will see her next month. Hmm, what else.. probable costochondritis which was diagnosed right in the office.. no xrays or anything. Arthritis-like pains in my knees, wrists, hips, and ankles that always happens on both sides of my body at the same time.. Tingling in my arms and hands, which is constant, and also the bottoms of my feet at times.

I do get something weird on my face every now and then that lasts a couple of days or so. It's only on one side.. the left side. It starts with a burning feeling and then gets really red, spreads to my left ear, my ear will get all red and swell up. I have to put an icepack on my face to tolerate it.This will last for a couple of days.. sometimes longer, but it will fade a bit then get worse, then fade.. it's very odd. My left earlobe is now noticably larger than the right one at all times.

Does any of this sound like Lupus to you?? We know that something is going on now since the bloodwork is finally showing it, but no one seems to know what it is.

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