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Ana pattern ???
Apr 3, 2006
Hello there. I am currently in the process of getting diagnosed and had a whole gamut of blood work done last month. I recently went back to my rheumy and he said that I had all the clinical signs of sle but he didn't want to label it yet. I have had positive lupus anticoagulant, positive anti-cardiolipid IgG, low WBC, low RBC and low hgb. The spot UA showed trace protein but the 24 hour protein was fine. The creatinine clearance was low and he said that my kidney function is "borderline". I had a weak positive ana (1:80) and the pattern was anti-proliferating cell nuclear antigen (anti-PCNA) which from what I've read is rare but very specific for sle. My question is why would he be so hesitant to diagnose it as sle especially with the ana pattern being what it is? Does the pattern not have the same diagnostic value as other lupus panel antibody tests such as anti-sm and the others (which were negative by the way)? He has started me on 400mg plaquenil which will hopefully start working soon. I have several other autoimmune disorders already and so I'm very attuned to my body and I know something is wrong.
Thank you in advance for your advice and input. I read the boards daily and I value your insight. --Jenn G.

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