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Let's see.... I took Clomid about 5 years ago, which would have been about two years before I was officially diagnosed with lupus. I had no major side effects, unless you count some moodiness and hot flashes. I was seeing an endocrinologist at that time. I was trying to confirm that my ovaries did indeed produce viable eggs each month, and they did respond to the Clomid by releasing several eggs each month during the couple of cycles that I was taking it. At that time, I don't know if the onset of my lupus had begun, so I don't think Clomid would have affected me negatively then. I was having a few strange symptoms back then, like weird nosebleeds, lockjaw, roaring in the ears, swollen throat tissues that made me feel like I always had a lump in my throat, but nothing that screamed "lupus".

The next birth control I used after that was the NuvaRing, and I must say, that was such a beautiful experience, though my doctor took me off it as soon as I was diagnosed with lupus. She at first hoped that the NuvaRing had brought on drug-induced lupus, since my onset of symptoms corresponded closely to when I began using the NuvaRing. No such luck. She also just didn't want me to be on hormonal birth control since female hormones seem to have some role in who experiences lupus symptoms and to what degree, and that whole argument in the medical community is still up in the air. Plus, all the hormonal birth control has warnings about increased risks for clotting, and many lupus folks are at increased risk for this, also, so why pile on the risk. But NuvaRing was lovely, just effortless and easy to remember. I did have some breakthrough bleeding the first month as my body adjusted to it, but after that, it was great. I used the weekly version of NuvaRing, but I have seen advertisements recently for a monthly version, which I imagine would be even easier. I have also taken the Pill and had no problem with it, so me and hormonal birth control were peachy until lupus came along.

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