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I can really tell the difference between Fibro and Lupus. I feel more flu like with Lupus........makes me feel JUST SICK. Everytime I'm having a really bad day, in a little while, I'll see the BUTTERFLY RASH on my face. It is not itchy or sore. When I get feeling better, the rash leaves.

I think the joint pain I'm experiencing is more Lupus-ee, than fibro-ee ! Fibro mainly hurts my muscles and make them weak from the awful pain. Joints are getting so much worse and Arthritis is setting in. :wave:

Anyone else have this ?
Hello, this is my first post. I have been diagnosed with fibro for well over 10 years; however, I have always felt as if there was something else wrong. The past several months have been very bad. I have had diabetes like symtoms (all blood tests came back negative). I have been weak and flu-like for several months. In addition, my memory has not been sharp. I have been getting strange pains and sometimes numbness and weakness in my fingers and toes. I have also had very bad skin for a long time. I have a red rash on my face that comes and goes, but always requires extra make up. It is worse in the sun. I have also had VERY itchy skin for years, and no one could figure out why. When it is really bad I take antihistimines to help. Sometimes I scratch so hard I cause scratches all over my body. I also seem to get bit more often by bugs, and the bites tend to stay around longer and scar. My most recent problems involve severe pelvic and abdominal pain. Prior to menustration, it is two or three times worse. I have always seemed to have a weak bladder that caused me to have urgency problems; however, it has gotten much worse. My GYN was certain that it was endometriosis, and I had surgery (laperos.) to get rid of it last week. I was devestated when I woke up in the recovery room and was told there was no endometriosis. It is now one week after a surgery that I should have bounced back from in a day or two, and I am still feeling too run down and sick to return to work. I recently had blood and urine done. There are low levels of blood in the urine. My ALT levels in my blood were low. I have had a slightly high SED rate for years (30); however, this time I had a flag of 80 on my ANA. It also said it was speckled and positive elisa screen. So, I am making an appointment with my rhumey once again. My GP doctor thinks it might be lupus..but..who knows??? It is very frustrating!!:confused:

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