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May 3, 2006
I was diagnosed with lyme disease approximately 17 years ago based on my history of exposure to ticks and my symptoms. My symptoms were, migratory joint pain with major swelling in my ankles. I also had low-grade fever, fatigue and I had noticed a reddened rash across the bridge of my nose and my cheeks. I thought the rash was probably due to the hormone/skin changes one might experience during/after pregnancy, as I had recently given birth to my youngest daughter. I took about 4 weeks of penicillin and eventually got better. I had a negative lyme titer. I had been tested for MS as well due to tingling sensations in my lower legs which could have been related to the swelling. I had nerve conduction velocities done and the test showed nerve damage in my legs.
Over the years I have had several incidents involving my joints, muscles, tingling sensations, low-grade fever and fatigue. I have also experienced a severe case of shingles on my right side of my back. I continue to have the pain, tingling, and itching in that area off and on in times of stress. After these incidents I went and had a spinal tap to totally rule out lyme disease.
Recently, I have been under a lot of stress and have this multitude of symptoms. This happened about 2 years ago as well and I had my 1st positive ANA panel at that time. My doctor didn't want to give me a diagnosis of lupus until I had another "flare."
So now my symptoms are: fever, joint/muscle pain, shingles, left flank discomfort, occasional pain upon exhaling, major hair loss, headaches (which I seldom have), high blood pressure (anywhere from 140/90 to 170/110), chronic itching, reddened rash on my cheeks/nose, photosensitivity (I break out in a rash on my arms, face, neck area after just 10 minutes exposure), fatigue, and, go figure, depression.
Is there anyone out there that can relate? I went to a specialist when I had my positive ANA panel and he was very condescending and rude that I didn't return. I have told my local physician that if she feels I have lupus I wish for her to manage it. So I had all the lab testing done yesterday and am awaiting the results. Any opinions or information on this? I'd appreciate any imput. Thanks. :)

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