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Hi, there. I can only tell you that trouble with my wrist and ankle joints were one of my first indications that I had lupus. For me it was the wrist, ankle, and finger joints that were sore and achy and extremely stiff. When I got up each morning, it was like my ankles wouldn't work, like they had to warm up or something before I could walk. I could use them, but only if I made a lot of effort to do so. A lot of us have experienced tremors, me included. Also, weird muscle and nerve twitches that start and stop for no reason at all. And exhaustion for no good reason is quite suspect. The itching.... so many of us have had the itching. There are a lot of medical terms that would explain why we itch, but it boils down to there being a war going on between the immune system and the cells of your body, whether that be joints, skin, muscles, organs or whatever. Your body cells are being damaged by waging this war and lots of immune system debris is being generated and the body tissues become inflammed. The results of that fight are what make us itch.

None of this means that you have lupus, but you should check the criteria to see what symptoms you match and see a doctor for blood and urine tests, if you haven't already. My doctor misdiagnosed me at first, and I was still just as ill after seeing him, so I felt I had to take matters into my own hands. I did this by going to a dermatologist, who gave me all but a certain diagnosis after a visual inspection of my body. Since you didn't mention that you have skin symptoms, you have to get somebody to do the ANA test and go through the list of lupus criteria with you. It can be hard to get a referral to a rheumatologist unless your regular doctor has already screened you, but maybe with your arthritic symptoms, you will get in.

Yes, "off" is one way to explain how you feel when you are sure something is wrong, but you don't know what, only that your body is not itself. I thought I was just depressed and anxious about life stuff when I felt like taking to bed because I was so out of energy. Lupus can mimic a lot of other things and shares symptoms with a lot of other disorders. Therein lies the problem.

Good luck!

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