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I have this rash that won't go away on my hand, it started off itching just a bit, went away(or so I thought) then came back, it's dry in the middle all the way to the edge, and around the edge is red and is in a circle, or simi circle, it's on the top of my hand, and there is more than one. It appears to get better but not all the way, and then if I am in the sun it becomes very itchy and painful, my doctor drew some blood awhile back and did an ANA and said that it was negative, she must have thought this had something to do with the joint and muscal pains as well that I had been suffering from(which has sense went away) I already have an autoimmune diesease, which she said gave me a higher chance of having another. I just don't know what to do about this rash thing, or what ever it is. Mind you I have taken meds for this, with no releaf...They first thought it to be yeast infection, and then ring worms, but since then have said nothing about it. I have no clue, I'm just looking where she thought to look first, what else should she have tested, and isn't it true that you can have a negative ANA and still have Lupus? Please any help would be great.
I am sorry about this rash that you have. It sounds exactly like a very difficult rash that I had. Mine too started on the top of my hand then both hands then spread up my arms. It was awful - dry and itchy. I do have lupus and my rheumie said it was probably connected but not your normal lupus rash. I went to the dermatologist many times and nothing worked. Finally she prescribed Clobetasol and my rheumie put me on prednisone and the rash finally cleared up - this process took almost 18 months. It has left me with a discoloration of my skin but I am so thankful that the rash is gone. One other thing that helped me was Aquaphor (not prescription) It really helped with the dryness and itching. Good luck to you and let me know how you are.

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