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Hi there. I just joined the board, in order to answer your questions. I have been diagnosed with lupus for almost three years. Your symptoms are not really consistent with much I've read on lupus (read the whole medical manual - Dubois'). They sound more consistent with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue, or both, or as you suggested MCTD, though unlikely if you have tested negative for RA despite cracking sounds.

I'm not a doctor, so I can only suggest you continue to investigate for yourself. Also, I don't know any men with lupus, but I have read in the books that most men have an earler onset of symptoms (teens or childhood) and more severe issues like kidney problems. Slow-healing wounds I personally have not heard of as an early symptom of lupus. I've heard of it for later complications such as diabetes secondary to lupus. I guess in short it seems your symptoms generally don't match up - but don't stop looking for the answer - keep bugging those free Canadian doctors! Good luck.

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