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Hi Everyone,

I have posted here a few times in the past. I have Rheumatoid arthritis and possibly other things like that. I just have not relaly asked my rheumy dr. my exact diagnosis. I take Methotrexate - just now starting to barely work, skelaxin (muscle relaxer), tramadol/ultram and a little prednisone (down to 1/2 pill per day.

I am interested in what yall are talking about with the hives and the Lupus and the other bumps and stuff like that. Of course, the prednisone, makes me harder to heal the bobos that I have. And I am a sore picker. The Methotrexate is helping somewhat and hopefully in another 1 - 2 mo., will be working a lot better. And I will be off the prednisone.

Well, I just had a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy with a couple of other things done to me also. I am 3 1/2 weeks out of surgery. Since right before and especially after my procedure, I have had tons of sores, rashes and tiny bumps and all and all about 4 - 5 different kinds of itchy things. I have 1 med. prescribed by my family dr. and then a strong antibiotic for my hind end and then a different kind for my arms and chest!!!

None of my other docs seem to care except my gp. And I have not gone to my rheumy in about 1 mo. I go to her in about 1 more month. She will look at my bumps. I took 1 pic of my hind end, but might take a few more, or my chest and or whatever looks particularly bad.

Tell me if this sounds like any other type of arthritis beside RA (which I have). Good luck to you guys with all your hives and rashes.

I imagine that yalls hurts more than mine. Mine itches to death in spells and after showers. Thanks for listening and if you have any advice or stories to tell, I am all ears.

Thanks, Wannabe

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