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Yes, I do think that the symptoms are very much like the ones you have with TMJ problems. I saw that in an article I read, TMJ is one of the disorders that has to be ruled out when a patient presents with these kind of symptoms. And some people who have lupus also have TMJ, so that is another level of diagnosis that would have to be figured out. But I do think that my symptoms are related to vasculitis secondary to lupus. I haven't seen any evidence that I grind my teeth or clench my jaw, nor have I ever experienced my jaws popping. My jaws don't ache or hurt in a general way. And when I was on higher doses of prednisone, it killed the symptoms.

It is true that vasculitis doesn't have to be associated with lupus, but it is autoimmune in nature, and if you already have an "umbrella" autoimmune disease like lupus that can affect any and all tissues of the body, I think it would be a pretty accurate diagnosis. I went back and re-read the Lupus Foundation's page on vasculitis at [url][/url] and it helped to clear some things up about this for me. Plus, I hunted up some more articles. Man, this disease is like a puzzle that keeps adding new pieces. More puzzle pieces I have put together recently:

-There are occasional days when I wake up and the vision in one of my eyes is off-kilter. I can see out of it, but I can tell that things are not quite in normal focus and there is a bit of an aura around things. This effect will wear off as the day passes. Experience tells me it is likely that I will have a bad headache very much like a migraine on these days. I had my first migraine last year right after the first time my doctor started reducing my dosage of prednisone. Zero history of migraines. As my dosage has declined, the incidence of these headaches is speeding up.

-There is an area of my right temple that is tender when any pressure is applied to it. Just to the side of the eye, in front of the ear. I found out that this is significant because a branch of a major artery runs under this spot. Whenever I forget and prop my head on my hand in this spot, it begins to hurt. Been this way for years. In my secret thoughts, I wondered if there was something under there, under my skull--an injury, a blood vessel, a growth--that was causing this.

-Before I had been on meds long enough to get my lupus under control, a lot of my hair had fallen out and I was bald in some places. On my scalp there were these dark grayish/blackish splotches very distinguishable from the normal light color of my scalp. I thought it was strange, but didn't know what to make of them. They seemed to have many thin layers and peel off. These were the last places to grow hair back on them. I have since found out that these were patches of scalp necrosis, where the cells on my scalp died.

I believe all three of these symptoms were/are caused by vasculitis.
i find this post very interesting.. i am only 28 years old and about two weeks ago i started having jaw pain.. i have NEVER had this before.. at first i thought it was wisdom teeth but that is not the case since i only have one and its not a problem. it almost felt like someone punched on both sides of my face and the pain would actually radiate to my outer ear like a nerve or something. i have been off plaquniel for three months now since we are trying to get pregnant and i feel like all these weird things are happening to me. my jaw pain has subsided some the dentist said its TMJ but i don't believe that. and I do not grind my teeth oddly enough i have a small rash on my arm so i was put on prednisone... could my jaw pain be attributed to the lupus!?

any thoughts about this would be great! thanks!

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