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Is it just me, or does anybody else get outbreaks at identical places on both sides of your body at the same time? Is this some kind of law of the human body or just the law of lupus, lol? Sometimes its a rash, sometimes its a group of those little red dots (petachiae-sp?). Other times its something like a bruise (purpura?), and sometimes it may be a pimple or a little sore of some kind. I guess it makes a kind of sense, for something to fire off at the same spot on each side. There is this one set of pimples that are on each of my forearms. They have been there for years now, they seem to rise up, then heal over and over. They get red and bleed easily when they are in the active times, then they scab over and go away, maybe for months, then start all over again. I have another one on my chest that does the same thing.

Something else weird... I had this strange mole or growth of some kind right at the top of my right ear. Light brown, weird shape, kind of like a small cockscomb thingy. It was there for a period of months and now it is totally gone and I don't know when it went away. When my hair was really short, you could see it well, but as my hair grew out, it was hidden and I stopped checking for it. And now it is just gone. Maybe I should go to the dermatology board with this one, lol.

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