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Im all over these boards I swear :(

I got an appt with a Rheumy for my hip pains this gets worse with my cycles, and burning above one buttock. Also my palms of my hands have been bright red as long as I can remember, put the last 2yrs when it gets humid they HURT and burn...cant close my hands.

other symptoms, stiff and hurt all over in the morning, I wake up exhausted, hair loss, off balance, feeling flu like, sometimes wrists and ankles hurt. I also have this weird BMS (burning mouth syndrome) sometimes my tongue on one side burns or it will feel cut/or like there is an ulcer there but Ive been to many dentist who did thourough oral exams and find ZERO.

Now I was diagnosed with Fibro, and the pain has increased and when I called MY dr., they said you will be better off with a rheumy and gave me their #. She said they will probably take xrays of my hips and do Lupus test.

Now they did one a few years back and it came back fine.

My sister knew a friend that had lupus and she asked me if I was ever tested, this was out of the blue.

Does this sound like lupus? I have never had any rashes.


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