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Re: Methotrexate
Sep 11, 2006
Hiya Caroline,

Welcome to a great forum for help, understanding and support. I too am in the UK and I now how the system is and what we have to fight to get recognised. Come here though and you will get support and help whenever you need it.

Now to the metho question. I have been taking this for approx. 14 years and I personally have never ever had a problem with it. I was actually having chemo treatment before that, which made me so very ill, so going on to metho was a breeze hee hee. You have to make sure to take it on the same day each week and also to take your folic acid two days later.

Never ever take any medication if you are not entirely satisfied with it. Always ask questions - just my thing, advising others to ask questions - and don't put anything into your body until you have read as much as you can about it and learned as much as you can.

The thing is though, as with any medications how it affects one person does not necessarily mean it will affect the next person in the same way. I always reckon side effects come in threes - might do, do sometimes do, and rarely do.

Thing is Caroline, I personally don't feel your doctor is right if he is makig a blanket observation about only being able to reduce down your steroids if you take metho. I have been taking steroids since I was 16, over 30 years and I was not taking metho in those days. I was on massive amounts of steroids and over the years I have upped and downed them in a careful and controlled way without the help of another drug to get me to a mangeable dose for my body. I can't understnd what he is saying about this to you.

I too have costonchondritis. Again I have had this for years, before I started taking metho. The things you speak of seem to be your body, and not the drugs you are on. Only talking from a patient viewpoint of living with lupus, and numerous other medicl problems and disabilities and managing my own drug regimes.

Always check on any medcations you're taking. Make sure they don't interact with each other. If you go to the pharmacy, even if it is for a cough linctus, any type of OTC drugs, always make them aware of what medications from the doctor you are taking.

To get to the point of what I want to say hee hee - don't take anything that you have doubts about. You cannot be forced to do so, and you have the right as a patient to refuse any treatment whatsoever.

I hope to speak to you again soon. Take care

goldenwings :angel:

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