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My Rhuemtologist diagnosed me yesterday with Lupus despite my ANA being borderline. It was negative, then postive, then negative, then borderline. My other blood tests were abnormal she did not specify which ones. I do have dead on symptoms for Lupus. She finally said yesterday after looking over my blood work and my symptoms that she was diagnosing me with it and starting me on a 2 week treatment of Medrose (Methyiprednisolone Dose pack) she said is this helps my symptoms then we know we are spot on.

This is my second day on the stuff and I can already see an improvement in some of my symptoms. She said not to expect any improvement until the 3rd day but I already feel not as stiff and my legs are not aching as bad.

My question to all of you are any of you on this stuff for long periods of time and how has it worked? How were the side effects I've noticed a long list of some really horrible ones.

I have fibromyalgia to go along with Lupus as well as I have a major surgery coming up on October 12th to re-fuse my back my l5-s1 verterbra has collasped on itself from the last failed fusion. My body is in a huge mess **sigh** I am relieved for the Lupus diagnosis though it's been a long time coming!

Any advice, well wishes anything would certianly help this newby whose body is in total chaos -

God bless you all!

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