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OK, here's my problem, 2 years ago I was pregnant and miscarried, at the time I saw the family doc for hives. She saw the skin peeling on my hands and told me to see a dermatologist. I did, they tested the skin on my hands and said it was eczema. OK, found out after the miscarriage I was hypothyroid, my family dr said good, I was thinking Lupus. Then 3 mos later I got pregnant again, and got the hives. But this baby made it. I was on thyroid meds at that time. Ok, fast forward to now....2 weeks ago I got dizzy in school, started college 6 weeks ago. I had an eye exam that day, eyes were dilated, and I have been dizzy every since. But along with the dizzyness I had other problems, so here goes...Dizzyness, headache for 6 days straight, stiff neck, muscle weakness, blurred vision, tunnel vision when dizzy spell gets worse, my arms get numb, then cold, especially my hands, pressure in my head, ears feel they need to pop, eyes feel like theyre going to pop, confusion, some slurred speach during dizzy spell, and my eyes have swollen, and I feel really weak and tired when I try to walk. I've been tested for ANA and arthritis, both which were positive, I'm slightly anemic, my creatinine in blood work was high, RBC, hemaglobin and hematicrit was low, I ended up in the ER, had a CT scan, which was negative for a tumor, Family doc suspected a stroke, I'm having an MRI done tonight, and ER doc suspected ears. I went to a ENT today, which said my ears looked fine but scheduled me for a hearing test. So my question is, could my family doc have been right 3 years ago, and it could be Lupus? Could the stress of school caused a Lupus flare? The last time I got really sick was after my daughter was born, but they said my Thyroid meds were too high. A rhumatologist which tested my ANA put me on Naproxen, but said as long as I felt ok he wasn't going to put me on any other meds. He was never clear on whether I had Lupus or not. But he tested my ANA after I was positive for arthritis. Should I have my family doc test me since she suspected Lupus 3 years ago? :confused: I also seem to have some memory loss or confusion alot these past 2 weeks to.

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