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hi all

ive had two MRI one with blue dye but both were normal

loads of blood test one come back as folic acid was low so got told by neuro to take vitams

then he orderd some move bloods ANA slighty postive 1:80 so low

last week had a spinal tap waiting for results

but heres are my syptoms

Extreme fatigue

Swollen glands

muscle pain

Painful joints knee shoulder elbow

low back ache in tailbone pushing sensation not pain but hard to go to sleep because felt uncomfortable

right leg felt swollen and heavy couldn't bend toes and toes sometimes go red

little finger and finger next to it felt tight could bend but felt swollen as well but was not swollen

leg and arm had ear ache like pain dull aching

face and body pricking burning sensation and itchy

was walking in town one time just before xmas and i thought i wet my self because i got a warm sensation on the back of my right leg

need to go to the wee a lot sometimes

Constipation but felt like i had upset stomach at the same time

had stiffness right side of body mostly in the morning and if i sit or stand sometimes cant sleep on my right side because i get pins and needles

balance is bad if i walk down a hall way or if two people are each side of me well that's when i notice mostly and my knee felt like it would lock my right foot drags as i walk all the time

had times were is was hard to swallow that was just before xmas not ever had that again

dizzy spells like my blood pressure is low and gone to bed and shut my eyes and felt like the rooms whooshing past me had to sit up and then it went

had tremors in my right arm when doing things like makeing tea muscles in my leg and arm have contractions and it hurts after like if I've been down the gym

skin feels like its been sun burnt on my neck

muscle feels stiff on the right side of my lower back

my head twitches and neck and eyebrows had it so bad that one time stopped me from sitting still and affected my talking and walking

had a sensation if insects crawling over me

And before all this started in November i had a kidney infection but i didn't know i did until i had flu like symptoms was bad then i had black outs only three times the 1st time didn't even now i blacked out paul grabbed me the other two times i felt it coming but then for a week after that had dizzy spells but didn't black out then all the other symptoms started

jerky arm and knee and back when bending

one time i went to my mums she lives half a hour away when i got there i couldn't lift my arm it felt like if my shoulder was stuck
and it hurt like if i had pulled my shoulder muscle went by the next day

cramp in right hand and foot

feel sicky

headaches but dull from when i wake from bed at night

never been a big eater if i eat a lot it makes me feel ill and really tired

a lot of involuntary movement in leg and arm head eyebrows

trouble thinking and memory problems

shakiness i feel inside

intense sensation

feel the cold alot

blisters on finger come and go

rash on palms and forarms


weight loss

emotional stress but only cos i dont feel well

Shaking when performing fine movements
Slurred speech

overshooting limb movements

Slowness with arm sometimes
my neuro has no idear but getting a second opinion

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