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Has anyone with Lupus had problems with swollen lymph nodes? Mine are so swollen and tender to the touch. I can't lay down in bed without it hurting.
[QUOTE=realisticchic]yes, I have swollen lymph nodes. I have one under my jaw on the left side that is always slightly swollen and tender, sometimes I will get a sharp pain in it prior to it swelling even more. I have had them pop up under my armpits too, and occassionaly behind my ear. With me, it doesn't seem to necessarily be related to a virus or infection. They aren't much fun:([/QUOTE]

I have a problem with that lymphnode in particular. Mine swole up so bad I couldn't turn my head. It was the size of a golf ball...but then I got pneumonia a few weeks later so I am not sure if it was because I was getting sick or the steroids they gave me. They had me on steroids and antibiotics at the same time, which I thought was weird. This lupus stuff is so strange. You just never know how it will hit you next.
Hi, everyone. One of my friends had awful & persistent swelling of a lymph node along the side of her jawline. But it had nothing to do with lupus---she doesn't have lupus. It was caused by a infected tooth, plus the node was blocked and couldn't drain. If your swollen node(s) are anywhere in this vicinity, have dental issues been ruled out?

Anyway, good luck on getting answers & help! Best wishes, Vee

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