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Hello thre,

I have lots of nosebleeds, most of them just as you describe. I know the reason for my own but wouldn't dream of trying to diagnose yours.

Yes, lupus can cause problems with nosebleeds but that could be from a part of lupus or because of the treatment we have to have. If for instance you have problems with patelets being too thick, then blood thinning drugs can help that but can also cause excessive bleeding too. Medications can be the cause of blood thinning out more than is "normal". I would in your case make a point of asking your rheumy what "might" be causing it. Only he/she can obviously make a diagnosis. It could be because of a problem with your platelets or indeed anything. Not being evasive, just making sure you know that this, as with any other problems, must be asked at your appointment.

It might/might not have anything to do with lupus. You could have even knocked your nose in your sleep and damaged blood vessels at the back of the nose, blown your nose a little too much if you have the sniffles, the most obvious one I can think of is that you might be having sinus problems which can lead to irritation of the area, which in turn can lead to bleeding. Honestly there could be so many reasons for it, but it really does need mentioning to your doctor though. Don't forget even if it stops before you get to your appointment, you must ask him/her. Good luck.

goldenwings :angel:
windycity, on many lists of symptoms associated with lupus, you will find nosebleeds. I am not exactly sure what the reason for this is, other than if you are one of those whose mucous membranes are dried out by lupus, which technically would probably be secondary Sjogren's, though you can have this without having lupus also. In that case, the membranes in your nasal cavity could get dry enough to crack open and bleed at the smallest provocation. It might not be lupus or Sjogren's, but there must be a reason why nosebleeds are one of the symptoms we tend to have. Mine would bleed like a faucet when I touched my nose wrong while washing my face or pulled a shirt over my head. Like you, I never had a nosebleed in my life until around age 30, and they just started suddenly. Doctor said the indoor winter heat must have dried my membranes out so much. yeah, right. Stopped just as suddenly as it started.

Since my first official onset of lupus about 3 years ago, I notice that everything bleeds more and heals slowly. I might peel a tiny scab off a scratch on my hand and think nothing of it, only to discover a minute later that blood is running down my fingers and dripping on the floor. I scratched a little bump on my scalp, didn't hurt or anything, and discovered later that it hand bled all under my hair. Every pimple, burn, and scratch leaves a bigger and darker scar. It is all so weird.

Good luck at the rheumy.

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