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Still batteling
Oct 25, 2006
Dear all,

I hope everyone is ok. i have not been on here for a while. Here is a little update on my story i hope someone may be able to respond.

Hello especially to golden wings, veej and evyone else who has supported me.

ok here is an update on my tests and symptons.

haemoglobin that keeps falling below normal.
low iron and b12 deficiency
haitus hernia
rheumatoid factor 34.7 range 1- 20
superficial thrombosis in left leg
allergic rhinisitus
inflammtion of spine
excess protein and blood inurine over 24 hours x4
brain cyst- insignifigant
inflammtion in skin
hypertoxic chest exray means my lungs inflated??
enlarged lymph nodes
enlarged liver
scoliosis of spine
clinical symptons:

weight loss- from ten stone to seven and a half
joint pains and burning
severe headaches
phychosis at times
loss of left side
breathing problems with pain breathing in
muscle wastage
neuralgia type things
memory loss
easy bruising
mouth ulcers
hair loss
skin scaly itchy on cheeks butterfly rash not appeared for a while though
inflammtion and bleeding gums
phychological problems
night sweats
lump in spine and breast
ok the story was i got diagnosed with lupus by graham hughes last jan lots of problems have occured since. i am ana negative. my ds dna is within range although i do not understand if this means i have it. i was then had my diagnosis questioned and was off meds a lot of the following problems above happened since then. Been put under a local rheumatologist who gave me a methyl prednisolone drip intravenous in hospital, i was in a state not stop chest pain blood in urine, seizures etc. drip made me feel good and slept for days after it although given antibiotics which flared up spine paina and neuro symptons again. My eeg for fits are normal but a regular event with me???
pain in spine is unbelivable.

Can anyone give me any hope is the road to recovery or do i have a totally differnt illness i am so confused. cannot understand why my tests are not positive.

lots of love and hugs zoe x

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