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Hi Vee,

Thanks for responding.

I know, it does probably sound crazy that I am only taking the one dose a day of Plaquenil, and I am going to make an effort now to do two, like I should, because reading about your situation has motivated me. :)

I guess the main reason I have only been taking the one dose is because I seemed to start catching stomach viruses easily around the time I started Plaquenil, earlier this year. I work in a Med. Records dept. in a Hospital, where doctors are always walking in and out, and I touch a ton of records while I'm there that docs. and nurses have used. So after the second or third time of getting a (mild) stomach virus, which I can't stand to have, I started thinking hmm.. maybe if I just take the one dose, then my immunity won't be quite so lowered? I know, it is not a smart idea to be doing, and I think I figured out what usually gets me sick easily.. which is when I am getting small cuts on my hands from papers or folders, and then having the germs enter that way easily. So, lately I have started using latex gloves that they have there for us (thank goodness), and I think it is really helping.

I can definitely say for sure that Plaquenil has changed my life, because every time I try to stop taking it (have only done a few times), I get so much worse, and fast. I am taken right back to where I started before I was diagnosed, and it is so scary to think that I was making it through each day that way. I'm sure you know exactly what I am talking about. I am so thankful for this medicine, and I made sure to tell my Rheum. doctor the last time I was there how thankful I am to him. I could tell he appreciated that.

So, anyway, I want to thank you again Vee for your advice, and I am going to try taking the two doses until I see the Rhuem. again. You know Vee, I think another part of my problem with being consistent with the medicine is that I spent so long having doctors treat me like I had absolutely nothing wrong with me, and that my symptoms must be all in my head, (along with my so-called primary-care doctor laughing out loud when I was back to tell him what my Rheum. had diagnosed me with), that I some days have a hard time convincing myself that I actually have a condition that warrants medical attention and treatment. Isn't that sad? It really makes me want to cry when I think about how many cruel medical "professionals" there are out there, who think every other patient is only there to complain.

Thanks again Vee..
I'll keep you updated here soon on how I'm doing with that second dose. ;)


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