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Hi Mary!:wave:

I have Meniere's disease. I was diagnosed by an ear, nose, and throat specialist. I am not sure about your symptoms, as you mostly described occasions of vision weirdness while driving.

I have episodes of Meniere's which will last for months, then I will be asymptomatic for only a couple of weeks, and sometimes only a few days. I will describe my symptoms, by starting at bedtime. When I lie down, the dizziness is so severe that, even though I know that I am not going to fall off of my bed, I still hold on to the side of the bed. When I sit up from a reclining position, I have to sit there until the dizziness goes away. If I do not wait, I WILL fall. When I stand up, and start walking, I bounce off of everything in my way. If one did not know better, they would think I was very intoxicated. Thank God, that only lasts for the first couple of minutes of my day.

When I turn my head, or when I look upward, I get severe dizziness. If I am not sitting down, I WILL fall.

[B]I DO NOT drive when I am symptomatic.[/B]

On days when the dizziness is more extreme, I DO get nauseated. For this, I take phenergan. It helps, but can also make me sleepy.

There are 2 good Rxs for Meniere's dizziness symtoms. One is meclizine. I believe that is the generic name for the "car sick" Rx. I cannot remember the other one. When I am having severe dizziness, these Rxs DO NOT work. On milder days, the meclizine seems to help, but [U]only[/U] after I have been on it for a couple of days. But, the headache that comes with these "anti-dizzy" Rxs, is worse than the dizziness, therefore I do not take it.

There seems to be a very certain difference in the description of the actual dizzy spell. I am sure you have heard the phrase "the room is spinning", when someone is drunk. That is to say that it feels like the room is moving.
Yet, with my Meniere's, I get just the opposite feeling. [B][U]I[/U][/B] am the one who is "spinning". The objects around me are still.

I also have lupus anti-coagulant syndrome, although I do not believe the two illnesses are related.

I hope this helps you, and I wish you the best of health!

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