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I am so glad I found this board. I am at such a confusing time in my life and just needed some people that share similar experiences. Judging by the posts I have read, I see myself in so many of you.

I have had various medical problems most of my life. I have the following symptoms, past and present.

Positive ANA 1:320
Monthly fevers of over 100 right before period
Mouth ulcers (during PMS)
Joint pain
Memory loss
horrible fatigue
chronic childhood strep infections and ear infections
stomach ulcers
thyroid nodules (benign)
neck and back pain (at times, unbearable)
pin ***** sensations/tingling in arms and legs
weakness in arms and legs
poor circulation--hands and feet always cold
dizziness and balance problems
difficulties in making decisions/judgments
TIA like occurances--one in March, one in October 2006
HELLP syndrome and placenta abruptio with pregnancy

My turning point this year was when I went to a sports medicine doctor for my back pain and scoliosis in September. He tested me for autoimmune disorders, which my ANA came back positive. He suggested going to a rheumatologist (who was a jerk). Rheumatologist said I have Lupus symptoms, and dx'd me with mild SLE. He put me on Plaquenil, I began having eye pain and took myself off. I am currently on no meds for Lupus, but do take many natural supplements. I am in between rheumatologists since my insurance is changing in Jan. 2007 and once again, the doctor was a jerk.

Anyway, around October, I began having more and more funky neurological problems--the weakness, tingling, headaches, dizziness, memory loss, etc. so they did a brain MRI--which was fine. The rheumatologist told me in November I should see a neurologist--who I just saw last week.

My neurologist seems to be great. Very knowledgable and listened intently to my laundry list of symptoms. He thinks that the two instances I mentioned above were indeed TIAs and told me to begin 81mg of aspirin daily. He did two blood tests on me--anticardiolipin antibody and lupus anticoagulant. I called to see if my results were in today and the doctor is on vacation for the holidays, but the nurse said my results were "inconclusive". After studying about "Hughes Syndrome", I think I fit the bill in so many ways. I was sure my results were going to be positive, but once again I am left with questions.

I guess what I want is a clear cut diagnosis. My mind is not what it used to be--memory and concentration are funky and I have spaced out a few times during my 130 mile round trip commute to work. I feel something is wrong with my body, but no one can tell me definitively what is wrong. I feel scared and frustrated. My husband listens but he cannot empathize or truly understand what I am going through. I have 3 kids and a full time job that take up so much of my life. Yet somehow, I have to fit in taking care of myself and going to the doctor.

The positive side is that 6 months ago, I was made to feel like a depressed hypocondriac by my primary doctor. I feel like I am on a road to recovery, but it feels so long and tedious. I am 36 years old yet sometimes feel I will not even make it to my 40th.

Well, thank you for listening. This seems like a great group of people. I hope I can fit in with you all!! :)

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