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hiya :)

I was diagnosed with lupus when i was 7 years old and i am now 15.
When i first went to the hospital the doctors thought i had impetigo but later test results showed that i didnt.after several bloodt testsand a year later they found that i had systemic lupus therefor i was refered to a rheumatologist to check my joints which were fine. my lupus causes very sore and itchy rashes which are triggered by sunlight andheat. At first it was hrd to cope with as there werelots of sleepless nights which were filled with itching but now i havelearnt how to cope with it. Quite recently my lupus caused alopecia which is a common side effect of lupus. large bits of my hair were falling out but after 7 months it stopped. When i was first diagnosed i got bullied a lot because my face was covered in it but the bullies finally stopped once they knewi didnt care what they thought

Now i have learnt that this is a disease that i will never be able to get rid of but it is now part of me and makes me who i am.

charlotte :angel:

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