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Lupus advice needed
Jan 14, 2007
I am posting here as I fell so terrible and no one knows what is wrong with me, I don't know if anyone out there can advise or help? I live in the Middle East and am yet to find a doc who is experienced with Lupus.

My symptoms are below.

fluctuating low platelet count
leg pains - feels like it is in my bones.
blue feet and sometimes hands, my feet hurt a lot when this happens it is similar to a burning pain but my feet feel very cold if you touch them.
Severe dizziness sometimes resulting in fainting
I was diagnosed epileptic 4 years ago after suffering the occasional seizure, no epilepsy medication controls them.
I am breathless most of the time and have had a dry cough for nearly a year, nothing gets rid of it including allergy medication.
I get a severe burning feeling internally and externally, I have to keep putting cold water on my face.
I have an ACTH problem but my cortisol is okay (although towards the low end).
I have a rash across my cheeks and nose although this rash does not look like a lupus rash. It looks like a heat rash or like I am wearing a bit too much makeup!
A lot of the time I feel so terrible I cannot get out of bed. I am 25 years old and have lost a lot of weight. I am also 5 months pregnant and have nearly lost the baby on 3 occasions, the pregnancy so far has been very complicated
and my doctor tells me I will have to deliver as soon as the baby is viable.

I would really appreciate some advice, I had an ANA antibodies test which I think was negative although the doc never confirmed. On top of this I have sugar and protein in my urine and permanent urininary tract infections which do not respond to antibiotics.

Many thanks for listening.


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