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Re: Lupus rash
Jan 22, 2007
Thank you for the reply. I have not been diagnosed with lupus. My rheumy Dr. has been seeing me for 4 years now and he says its not lupus. I have had blood work numerous times and the only thing that comes back positive is ana at 1:160. sed rate normal, c-reactive protein normal, c3 c4 normal, a bunch of antibodies for all different systemic autoimmune diseases come back normL. liver, kidney and glucose tests normal. CT scan of the abdomin normal. Brain MRI normal. The symptoms i have had are the following: reynaunds in the fingers and toes, mild swollen lymph nodes which none of the Dr.'s are concerned about, genetal vitiligo, generalized anxiety disorder, paninc attacks and brain fog.I did have a case of hyperthyroidism 4 years ago which they said i had borderline high antibodies for hashimotos but that is it. I have had my rheumatalogist take blood work adn all sorts of tests 5 x a year for the last year and the only thing that comes positive is the ana. I am scared to death that i have some horrible autoimmune disease and that i will get a seizure and die.Thats what consumes my every thought and it feeds my panic attacks, i am barley functional because i think im going to die. I cant even ride in a car because the panic attacks are so bad. Does the lupus rash make your face feel hot? BTW i am taking xanax xr 2mg twice daily and klonopin .5 mg prn for the anxiety disorder.

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