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have you ever had your eyes checked to see if your optic nerves are swollen at all? Have your ever had any vision changes with your headaches double vision or blurry vision with your headaches? If you have then your might want to get an apptment with a opthomologist just to get checked, and if you do have optic nerve swelling you just might have intercranial swelling to. And this can be caused by lupus. And the Pressure is what is causing the headaches and if you can get the pressure under control the headaches can be managed as well. At least this is what I have been told I have not been able to get my pressure under control yet and I have not been able to get my headaches to calm down yet. But my optic nerve is still swollen. I am on 1000mg of Diamox, 200mg of Topamax and I just started 400mg of Hydroxychloroquine. So I am in hopes that I will get some help. I go see my Rheumi on Feb 8th so see what else I need to do.

Are you taking any medication to help you with your headaches? how are you managing your migranes? Have you tried Relpax? or even Topamax? as a preventative? I feel your pain I have had a headached for 2 years and know what you are going through. I hope you find some answers?


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