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My now 17 year old son had a positive skin biopsy about 5 years ago....he has never had any other medical problems or symptom other the the rash on his face. Over Christmas break I casme home from work to find he had left a pan burning on the stove and was "asleep" in the living room. Upon waking him up, he was incoherent, unable to talk understandably, and his balance was off. We ended up at the hospital for 3 days, the lab work, CT, and lumbar puncture were are inconclusive. An EEG a week later showed temporal lobe seizure activity. We have a follow up with the neruologist on monday. Last friday he had a recheck by the dermatoligist (1st in 2 year), although his rash has been well controlled, she has referred him to a rhumatoligist.

The event over Christmas break really sounds like a simple complex seizure..I'm intersted to se if is associated with his DLE.

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